Great South Bay Enters Connecticut

Soon to be available at retailers across the state: Great South Bay Brewery!

With summertime approaching, we're excited to bring you a new lineup of beers from the south shore of Long Island, a warm weather retreat for vacationers, boating and fishing enthusiasts alike. "Here, the focus is on quality of life, quality of friends, and quality of pretty much everything else – that’s the Bay Way," state the founders of Great South Bay.  This philosophy can also be seen in the way they brew their beers - in small batches and with great attention to detail. Their flagship brews include the Massive IPA, Bay Lager, and the deliciously refreshing Blood Orange Pale Ale. In addition to four seasonal brews, they crank out a variety of limited releases to please nearly every palate.

If you're thinking about planning a trip to the South Shore this summer, the annual Bay Fest is taking place on Saturday, May 16th. Great South Bay will be in attendance along with a number of other Long Island craft breweries. While you're there, be sure to stop by the brewery for a few samples! 

The debut of Great South Bay in Connecticut will feature the following brews:

Massive IPA - try this hoppy brew with a juicy burger off the grill
Blood Orange Pale Ale - delicious with grilled citrus-marinated shrimp and mango salsa
Blonde Ambition Summer Ale - pair with grilled fish, lobster or a citrusy salad with goat cheese
Bay Lager - perfect with burgers and dogs or just kicking back on the patio!